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Why Baby Genes?

State-mandated biochemical screening for newborns has been a huge success giving health care providers the information they need to make critical, time-sensitive decisions for potentially affected kids. It has provided the difference between a child living a normal, healthy life or suffering for a lifetime from a genetic disease that could have been easily prevented with the proper screening and early treatment.

Unfortunately, the standard biochemical screening alone is not enough to ensure some of the most prevalent genetic issues are discovered.

For proactive parents and physicians, Baby Genes genetic testing provides a critical supplement to biochemical testing, whether you are planning a family, expecting a child or looking to provide faster and better diagnostic information to your patients. Baby Genes provides a complete picture of a new baby’s health and potentially life-saving information.


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Supplemental Newborn Screening

Expecting? As new parents, you want the very best for your baby. Baby Genes Newborn Panel is an important supplement to the traditional biochemical approach to screening. Newborn genetic testing ensures you are getting the most accurate results, where biochemical testing can sometimes be unreliable. Targeted sequencing of genes clinically linked to the recommended NBS conditions provides you and your health care provider with rapid results enabling a timely diagnosis, if necessary.

Reflex/Diagnostic Testing

For physicians, Baby Genes genetic testing is a powerful tool to aid in the diagnostic process. When biochemical testing proves unreliable or confirmatory results are needed, genetic testing can provide additional information rapidly to aid in the diagnosis. This is particularly useful for NICU patients, where the metabolic and health status of the child may drastically skew the results of a biochemical test. Genetic testing works independenlty of metabolic fluctuations, making it ideal for NICU patients.

Carrier Screening

Planning a family? It is important to understand genetic information about you and your partner. Carrier screening allows you to identify genetic risks that may be passed down to your child. By understanding your hereditary risks, action can be taken during or after the pregnancy to ensure the best care for your new baby

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